Weekend reads #6

Scott Schuman and Garance Doré photographed by each other | Source: Style

I’m back. Been super busy and although I had that common guilty feeling of delayed blogging, I stuck to the theory of owning not owing my blog, hence writing at my own leisure and not as a duty. Despite the lack of time for leisure reading, these are the most interesting articles I came across during the week. Enjoy your weekend!

  1. Pamper your feet with this DIY pedicure.
  2. What annoys you about your significant other.
  3. A sneak peak at Cupcakes and Cashmere – The Book.
  4. Care for long hair and 5 ways to make it look spectacular.
  5. Scott and Garance at the CFDA; interviewed by Style.


Photo Credit: Garance Doré of Garance Doré and Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist.


Weekend reads #5

Candice Swanepoel at the Met Gala | Source: From Me To You

My favourite ‘read’ this week is actually an album of pictures shot by Jamie Beck at the ‘Oscars of the Eastside’. The Costume Institute Ball, also known as the  Met Gala, is an annual fashion ball held at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The fashion industry regards this as the fashion world’s best red carpet event. Beck shot the attendees from a viewer’s angle, taking advantage of the lights, beautiful silhouettes and sartorial details.

  1. Stunning coverage of the Met Gala.
  2. Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No. 5.
  3. DIY wedding hairstyles.
  4. Chanel Resort 2013 at Chateau de Versailles.
  5. Theodora & Callum’s ways of wearing scarves.
  6. Tie your hair into a messy French bun.


Photo credit: Jamie Beck of From Me To You.

Paola of The PVDH Journal

One of Paola’s latest illustrations | Source: The PVDH Journal

You might sometimes wonder, like me, how can some bloggers do it: illustrating. This is how Garance Doré (who doesn’t need any introduction) became famous, and I’m sure you’ve seen Danny’s genius on Igor + André. But I must say that one of my favourites is Paola van der Hulst of The PVDH Journal. Paola is a Mexican blogger who started back in April 2011 and gained success through her illustrations, fashion blogging, and life between London and her beloved Mexico. Her illustrations accompany runway reviews, celebrity styles, outfit inspirations, designer products, and life experiences. She also enriches the blog with pictures and videos. This is a positive woman who can make your day with her big white smile and brimming talent.


Photo credit: Paola van der Hulst of The PVDH Journal

Weekend reads #3

Whole wheat strawberry muffins | Source: Heart of Gold and Luxury

  1. Kate Middleton‘s best looks since the Royal Wedding.
  2. Whole wheat strawberry muffins.
  3. Tavi Gavinson and the business of blogging.
  4. beauty fixes with household products.
  5. Victoria Beckham unveils Range Rover design inspired by husband.
  6. Movie and tv-inspired Barbie dolls.
  7. Lindsay Lohan to star Liz Taylor. A 2006 photo taken by Karl Lagerfeld.
  8. The 25 best star beauty tips.
  9. 50th anniversary for the Havaianas flip flops.


Photo credit: Heart of Gold and Luxury

Weekend reads #1

Braids | Source: Vanessa Jackman

I decided to start posting a list of my favourite weekly reads for you to enjoy during the weekend. Please feel free to share more. Happy Friday!

  1. Braid inspiration.
  2. TIME’s 100 most influential list.
  3. The best French toast u’ll ever have.
  4. Angelina Jolie shoes off her engagement ring.
  5. Gift ideas for your man.
  6. Alicia Keys selling her NYC penthouse.


Photo credit: via Vanessa Jackman

Glossies for Tristan

Magazines for men, and not just

So Tristan sends me this message: ”This stupid salon hasn’t got a decent magazine. I’ve been sitting here for an hour, scouring women magazines, trying to find something that suits me. But nothiiiing!!” Unfortunately some unisex hair salons forget their male clientele and fail to offer a selection of magazines. And I’m not mentioning hairstyle magazines. Just how women love Hello, OK! and Cosmopolitan, men want to read Stuff, Men’s Health and Top Gear. While nobody’s expecting next month’s pre-issue of Harper’s Bazaar, exclusive pictures from Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s wedding are a wee bit outdated, for a should be fashion forward place like a hair salon.